Harvest Solar Energy customers save between 10-30% off their monthly bill

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Harvest Solar Energy

Harvest renewable Energy‘s environmental policy is based on sustainability and environmental compatibility, with a view to providing services and producing products for an ecological future. The company makes a worldwide contribution to reducing power consumption and allowing alternative energy sources to be used efficiently by providing high-performance products. The company also develops products for the environmentally friendly use of solar energy under the brand name of Harvest renewable Energy. “Green Energy for a better world” is our motto.

Like no other company on the solar market, we can offer our customers mature, high-quality technology from renowned major solar pioneers, developed over the course of years. Harvest Energy has combined the best they have to offer with our own technology, and bundled the results to deliver our made by harvest energy promise of high quality.


Harvest renewable Energy designs, manufactures and leases renewable energy products to serve the off-grid needs of a broad and diverse marketplace – while providing investors with access to the renewable energy asset class. We offer products designed to save energy, use less energy and still have all the comforts of a modern home. Harvest renewable Energy Provides Cost Effective Renewable Energy for Agriculture, Commercial and Residential Customers throughout the Middle East and Africa. All the energy we need for a comfortable life is provided free to us every day if we just Harvest it.

At Harvest renewable Energy, we decided to take on this challenge. Our products offer a great return on investment and are designed for different applications.


In our after sales service department, we have our own skilled team of assembly supervisors who work all over the world with appropriate personnel to integrate our high-tech equipment reliably into your factories, offices and homes.