Solar water pumps are often used in remote areas where the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive or you just want to provide water to an off-grid home. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation.

Solar water pumps are different from regular AC powered pumps in more ways than the simple fact that they use DC power instead of AC. Most solar pumps are designed to be used in off-grid situations, and are designed to be extremely efficient. By not experiencing losses when going from DC to AC and back to DC, you can maximize your pumping while minimizing your power use. The most efficient way to use a solar pump is PV-direct, powering the pump directly off the solar panel, without using batteries. Rather than experiencing losses through storing power in batteries, the water itself is stored in a cistern or tank to be used when needed.


Solar water pumps enable you to move water from its remote source to where you need it, without access to power lines. Solar pumping has three primary uses; domestic use for washing, cooking and drinking, livestock watering, and irrigation. The same basics are used for all three requirements, although domestic use may require additional capabilities.


Solar water pumps are typically divided into two categories: submersible pump and surface pump.  A submersible pump is installed under water, usually in a well, but can also be in a pond or stream if raised off the bottom. A surface pump is installed above the water, with an intake hose feeding the pump from the water source, and the output hose feeding the tank.  Pumps are able to push water out much higher than they are able to suck water in, so they need to be close to the water source.  Keep the head, or the height difference between the water and the pump, as low as possible.

DC Solar PV Submersible Water Pump

Models HSP-132W HSP-192W HSP-480W
Voltage 12V 24V 24V
Carry Water Height 10 Meters 10 Meters 10 Meters
Water Inlet ø76mm ø76mm ø140mm
Revolving Speed 3000/rpm 3000/rpm 3000/rpm
Power 132W 192W 480W
Flow Rate 3m3/h 3m3/h 10m3/h
Water Outlet ø25mm ø25mm ø25mm
Protection rade IP68 IP68 IP68
Solar Panel Required 2x200W 2x250W 4x250W
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Base 76mm x 300mm 76mm x 300mm ø25mm
Size 90mm 90mm 150mm

If the pump work only in the sun, Can be connected directly to solar panels, no need controller. Required solar panel to run this water pump are given above. If the sun is not very good , It is recommended to use more solar panels.

If need the pump to work at night or in rainy days, It will need to use the battery and the controller to prevent the battery overcharge and over discharge with the controller.


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