Polycrystalline (sometimes also called multicrystalline) solar panels are the most common because they are often the least expensive. Polycrystalline cells can be recognized by a visible grain, a “metal flake effect”. The reason polycrystalline solar panels are less expensive than monocrystalline solar panels, is because of the way the silicon is made. Basically, the molten silicon is poured into a cast instead of being made into a single crystal. Typical efficiency of Polycrystalline modules would range anywhere between 12-14%. With beautiful blue and black crystalline formation on the cells, these types of panels take the technology to higher aesthetic value.


Lower Per Panel Costs

Polycrystalline solar Panels are much simpler to produce, and cost far less to manufacture. This makes them much less expensive for buyers, especially those with small to medium sized roofs.


Durability and Longevity

The durability and longevity are comparable to their monocrystalline cousins – namely at least 25 years. Polycrystalline solar panel modules could put solar power into the hands of people who could not afford the polycrystalline cells.


Environmental Enhancements

Besides being able to produce energy from the sun and thus help reduce greenhouse gases and related environmental problems of extracting fossil fuels (e.g., the BP oil spill, coal mining accidents, geo-political resource wars, etc).


Lower Electric Bills

Any solar system can and probably will result in a lower electricity bill. Even though the amount of electricity produced from a polycrystalline solar panel is less than from a monocrystalline panel – so are the costs … so you have to fine tune your analysis to see which one has the better payback over the time frame of your analysis (e.g., 20 years in Europe – which is usually the time period of the Feed in Tariffs).


Polycrystalline Solar Modules: 50W – 350W

Model Standard Power (Wp) Max Power Voltage (Vmp) Max Power Current (Imp) Short Circuit Current (Isc) Open Circuit Current (Voc) Dimension (mm) Net Weight (KGs)
HSP-50W-P 50 18.0 2.778 3.006 22.1 720*510*30 5.3
HSP-100W-P 100 18.5 5.405 5.849 23.0 1150*670*35 10.5
HSP-150W-P 150 18.5 8.108 8.773 22.5 1480*670*35 13.5
HSP-200W-P 200 36.0 5.556 6.011 45.5 1450*990*40 13.5
HSP-250W-P 250 36.0 6.994 7.514 58.6 1750*990*45 22
HSP-300W-P 300 36.0 8. 9.017 44.5 1950*990*50 25
HSP-350W-P 350 37.6 8.511 9.192 45.5 1950*1175*50 25


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