12V Series Gel/Deep Cycle Batteries

12 Series of Harvest batteries have special seated sealed and value regulated construction. All the acid inside the battery is suspended in formulated non-woven glass mat separator and it is adsorbed in the manner this construction ensure leak proof during normal operation.

Applications General Features
Uninterruptible power supply 12V Series Battery
Soler power system Capacity from 50AH
Telecommunication system Maintenance free
Nominal Output Voltage (V) 230V
Security and fire alarms system There is no need to check or add water or any other specific gravity during the whole service life of the batteries
Toys and Electric Equipment Separator
Power Tools Extend Cycle Life And Prevent micro circuit
Computer Power system High Purity raw material
Monitoring Control system Ensure low self discharge rate
Medical Equipment Heavy Duty Grids
ATM Machine The grids are made by heavy lead calcium tin alloy this providessafety margin of performance condition excellent recovery capacity from deep dis- charge extra service life in either cycle of float application low self discharge when it is not working.


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