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Batteries serve as reservoirs of charge. The charge storage capacity of each battery is measured in ‘ampere hours’. At Harvest Solar Energy, we present a varied range of the three types of  most commonly used solar light batteries in solar systems. These include: Gelled, Flooded and AGM, all of which are of deep cycle types.

Gel batteries feature a silica type gel in which the electrolyte is suspended. It a thick paste that allows for electrons to flow smoothly in between plates. Most importantly, the paste is spill-proof, and does not leak out even if the case is broken. However, what must be mentioned here is that the gel is very fragile and can get burnt in higher amperage situations.

On the other hand, AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat Is a specially designed glass mat that wick the electrolyte in between the plates. This particular form of solar panel battery contains only enough liquid to ensure that the mat is kept wet with the electrolyte. To add to its positives, it does not drain any free liquid even if the battery is broken. These are known to recharge fast and last considerably longer even in the most demanding applications.

Harvest Solar Energy: The Leading Gel Batteries Supplier In UAE

With an excellent market reputation, we are here to guide you and help you plan your solar systems professionally. Ever since our initiation, we have come to be known for providing the best quality products with complete installation and training solutions at a cost-effective price. Since then, we have been providing the most affordable renewable energy solutions for different sectors across the Middle East and Africa. This includes Commercial, Agriculture and Residential Customers.

Feel free to browse through our extensive portfolio of systems, products and services. We are here to help you harvest all the energy you require for a comfortable lifestyle, without ever harming the environment.

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