Harvest Solar Energy Innovations offers an entire line of solar powered refrigerators, solar powered fridge-freezer and solar powered freezers. All our units are dc powered and can operate independent of the electric grid. Requiring as little as 75W-150W of power, the entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators can operate using a two solar panel and a single battery. All units can work with either a 12V or 24V battery and can provide multiple days of operation on a single charge. Sizes vary from as small as 45 liters to our largest freezer which is 325 liters.

The entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators operate fully on dc power. What this means is that you do not require an inverter to operate our solar powered refrigerators. Ideally suited for off grid locations or locations where power interruptions are common and daily occurrences. Now you can keep your food fresh and safe even if your power is unreliable. The solar powered refrigerator may be used in boats, RV’s campgrounds and in open field etc. The solar fridge can easily replace a propane or generator powered refrigerator. By using a dc powered solar refrigerator, you can save 100’s of dollars a year in lowered electricity costs or fuel bills.

We have a large selection of solar refrigerators, freezers, medical refrigerators, etc. of various sizes to meet your needs. Sizes vary from as small as 50 liters to our largest freezer which is 355 liters. The solar showcase is ideal for displaying cold drinks and chilled beer and is perfectly suited for locations where a chilled drink is a perfect solution to a hot summer day.

Our products are designed to make the world more sustainable with simple straight forward solutions. The refrigerators we manufacture are designed to provide an aray of amenities with a minimum of complexity. Our refrigerators provide:

  • Superior storage conditions
  • A large array of potential finishes
  • Lower cabinet provides convenient access to stored food
  • Quiet operation
  • No rear clearance required
  • Twenty-five plus expected life
  • High Efficiency


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