Product Snapshot

  • Nominal Voltage:12V/24V/48V
  • Charge Voltage :40A/60


  • Solar Charge Controller Is Mainly Used For Solar Power Situation Home
  • Solar Power System Solar Street Light Control System Mobile Solar Power System.

Key Features

  • Adopt Advanced MCU Microprocessor Control Technology.
  • 12V/24/48V Self Detect To Choose Output Voltage
  • Advanced MPPT Technology High Converting Efficiency Higher Than 97% For Minimizing Energy Loss.
  • Capable To Parallel In Output To Expand Capacity Easily.
  • Reversed current Protection At Night Over Voltage And Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Capable Of Selecting Different Charging Mode For Various Types Of Batteries.
  • Capable Of Connecting Additional DC Load For Wider Applications.
  • Three Stage Charge Control System ( Bulk Absorption And Float Mode) with Optional Temperature Compensation
  • LED Indicators Display Charge Status In Real Time Optional LCD Display


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